5 Reasons You Should Start Journaling Right Now

journalling for mental health
Ask anyone who currently journals and they will tell you that you it’s one of the best hobbies they have ever started. I do it and I swear by the practice of keeping a journal. Here are five reasons you should too:
Reason One:
Journals are a great way to keep your memories. Write down what happens during your day or how you are feeling in a specific moment. Going back and reflecting on that time is special and great for seeing what made you happy and you can do again or what has upset you and would be best to avoid. Re-reading an old journal helps jog your memory of things that you may have forgotten otherwise.
Journal memories
Reason Two:
Journals are a great and private way to let loose built up emotions. Sometimes you need to get something off your chest to feel release; telling a person may be too embarrassing or personal for you but writing it down allows you the same release while also keeping your privacy. Or maybe you do want to talk to someone about your feelings but are unsure of how to say it in the right way, writing it down first is a good idea. Journaling is a great way to release an abundance of emotions whether happy or sad.
Write your emotions down
Reason Three:
Creative Outlet! Journals are the perfect place for you to get creative. You can doodle, or paint or do anything at all because it is your journal, it is your place to do anything you like. You can add art to your writing or just use colourful pens and tapes and paint. You can even leave out the words and just use your journal as a creative space. You can do anything you want to your journal because it is your journal!
Reason Four:
If you are troubled by anxiety and depression keeping a journal is a great tool for healing. Writing down your feelings of anxiety and depression can help you identify your triggers and your calming methods. It’s hard to think clearly when your mind is in a state of chaos but going back and rereading what you wrote when you are in a better state of mind can bring light to what brought on those feelings. Journaling for anxiety and depression is a highly recommended healing tool.
Reason Five:
Journals are a great method of self-discovery. You can use them to write down your dreams to analyze and learn from them. Analyzing your dreams is useful to understand what is going on in your subconscious. Journaling often is a good method of learning your lifestyle patterns. If your journal often you can read your entries to see what in your life re-occurs and how you feel about these events. Such learnings can be used to monitor events and correlating feelings. Some things about our daily lives just go through our minds without any recognition but with journaling you can become more aware of events you would never have thought about.

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