Wow what a pain in the butt, this became. I wanted to do some research on being politically correct. What a mess is all I have to say. Here is some crap I found...I mean really good stuff I found...geez
First I would like to understand some things. What does “Politically correct mean?”
Political correctness (adjectivally, politically correct; both forms commonly abbreviated to PC) is a term denoting language, ideas, policies, and behavior seen as seeking to minimize social offense in gender, racial, cultural, sexual orientation, handicap, and age-related contexts.
Who determines this offense?
In addressing the linguistic problem of naming, Edna Andrews says that using “inclusive” and “neutral” language is based upon the concept that “language represents thought, and may even control thought”.[25] This claim has been derived from the Sapir–Whorf hypothesis, which states that a language’s grammatical categories shape the speaker’s ideas and actions; although Andrews says that moderate conceptions of the relation between language and thought are sufficient to support the “reasonable deduction . . . [of] cultural change via linguistic change”.[26]
Other cognitive psychology and cognitive linguistics works indicate that word-choice has significant “framing effects” on the perceptions, memories, and attitudes of speakers and listeners.[27][28] The relevant empirical question is whether or not sexist language promotes sexism, i.e. sexist thought and action. From
So of course I need to know what is politically correct, not guaranteed I will aver to it but I will try my best.
Black sheep = Outcast
"Guys" (when referring to a mixed group) = Friends; folks; group
Oriental (when referring to people) = Asian (using the specific nationality, i.e. Korean is even better, when possible)
Acting like wild Indians = Out of control
Girls (when referring to coworkers) = Women
Policemen/postman = Police officer/mail carrier
Manhole = Utility hole
Chairman = Chair
Handicapped = People with special needs; people who are physically/mentally challenged; people with disabilities
Retarded = Developmentally challenged
Gifted children = Advanced learners
Race = Ethnicity or nationality (There is only one race--human)
Uneducated (when referring to adults) = Lacking a formal education
No culture (when referring to parts of the U.S. where the opera and the theater are scarce or nonexistent) = Lacking European culture
The little woman; the wife = Your wife; his wife
"Don't go postal on me!" = No alternative; someone in your audience may have relatives who are postal workers
Acting blonde= No alternative
Old people = Seniors; "Chronologically Advantaged"
Bitchy or "PMSing" = Assertive
"White" lie = Lie (Calling it white does not make it okay)
Flip chart = Easel (Flip is a derogatory word referring to Filipinos)
wheel-chair bound = A person who uses a wheel-chair
Jew down = Negotiate
Half-breed = Multi-ethnic
Blacklisted = Banned
"Manning" the project = Staffing the project
Would this work then.. "Your assertive wife, wants your Developmentally challenged ass (or should it be buttocks?) utility hole to do some dishes around this dump (or should it be cleanliness challenged dwelling?)"
See I am working on it, I might be correct somehow

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