Where Is Your Monkey Man?

Here and there you will see the shadows of the monkey man, strange but true.
So why do I laugh so hard at the thoughts of a stoned monkey man. Not a nightmare, nor a dream, but the thoughts of crazy, unleashed foolishness, and the laughter of a young time. It does not cure, but stands out alone, as a medicine of the years, erasing the aged wears of responsibility.
So in the shadows there is a stoned monkey man, because it makes us laugh of the absurd and trifle moments of true self. The world will not make sense; we can try, and we will try very hard. You just cannot continue without the sound of hysterical laughter aimed at the strange and very meaningless thoughts of a stoned monkey man. Twisted? Maybe! But when you find your funny thoughts and they make you smile over and over again, do not let them go!

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