The burning of heated pain rips through my thighs, my legs cannot open any wider, the muscles pop in resistance. My teeth tear my lip as I bear down in agony. Not a word is spoken, the silence of darkness bleeds through the very soul that flees in desperation.
Trying to hold on to the spirits of peace within me, I cling to hope that it will end.
Empty my conscious as I search for my out. Searing waves of affliction stitch through my skin. Sickening thoughts of memories that allowed this moment to come about, dare to take blame but not to justify any minute’s evil.
Emptiness and helplessness struggle to enter the mind as the body takes what is given in violation. In no contest what is taken will not prosper any, but the gift that can never die will not be stolen or placed in hell’s box. A shadow spirit can stand strong and be kept within.

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