I Will Be In OZ!

Ever have one of those days where you wish that damn tornado would come and take you to OZ!
I would even wear those tacky red ruby slippers if I had to.
I can’t sing but there has to a recording somewhere I can lip sync too.
I would follow the yellow brick road and if the crazy lion and straw man and tin man want to come they better keep their distance. I have enough crazy shit in my life and don’t need their problems.
The wicked witch would totally meet her match and I am not afraid of flying monkeys, I have 3 kids, try dealing with them for a week.
So bring it on!
When entering the emerald city, that large castle thing with all the strange people about-- somewhat like a mall in the city—I will not be looking for the green head that has the wisdom, or the little man behind the curtain. I will be looking for the spa, the deli, and some better-looking shoes.
When I am finished and had my fill of strange but yet far away from reality break from my life, I will return on a broomstick, chanting.
“I am ready to come home.”

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