HANK is everywhere, you will see him if you look

Homeless Hank is a character that represents...
A single mother making min wage who loses the struggle to afford rent, childcare, transportation and food
A family whose father suffers a debilitating illness and is unable to work
A man who suffers from mental illness without the resources for treatment
A child who ages out of the foster care system at age 18
A family with children living paycheck to paycheck when the someone is laid off
A young man caught in a web of drug and alcohol addictions
A woman escaping an abusive relationship with nothing but the clothes on her back
A man who because he is homeless without an address, phone number, clean clothes, a place to shower and food can’t not secure gainful employment despite having needed skills
A elderly couple living on a fixed income facing rising rents, insurance, and medication costs
A family living in their car because the apartment they struggled to afford has been converted to condos; the parents terrified they will lose their children

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