A smile for hope

A read an article written by a woman that found herself homeless, she has since found her way off the streets. I can't find it, I have tried.
What she talked about was, she was cold and hungry while living on the streets but that is not what bothered her the most. The thing that really the worst was that no one turned their head to even recognize she existed. People did not acknowledge here, look her way and she never received a smile.
Humans need each other, we live in cities and communities for a reason, we don't like to be alone. When she described this she made it a point that it was all people, on the streets or the ones living in warm homes.
Without a home, warmth, food and human contact, acknowledgement. She walked among the living feeling like she was not there.
Without a smile of hope, a smile to bring recognition of existence your mind starts to turn off. A smile can bring strength, awareness and a small step for hope

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