I offer myself

I offer myself to you, pieces of me that can be shared
Never to be a whole, I cherish the love as if it were.
Take me, love me, and care for me in ways that only we receive
Offer me yourself in pieces that can be shared

I dare to be with you in stolen moments
Never a minute wasted on frivolous feelings.
Take the time to enter my world and enjoy
Dare to love me the only way you are able.

I gather memories of the passion and hold them tight.
Never lay my dreams out for the world to see.
Take the power within me to grow inside the days.
Gather my senses and feel my soul within your body.

I take my chances on the stormy waters of this heaven
Never to lose the unstable foundation we balance on
Take the presence of my heart and hold it dear
Take me when I offer you myself in pieces.

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